Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Summer amd Grandkids

Well, Summer is surely here in the great state of Texas! Temps. have been close to 100 for 10 days now. The air in the house is in full force..running up like the gas in the good news is my sweet grandsons are here for the summer! Koby..aka Kobychicken,Kyle and Kolton as well as Dana their mother will be spending some time here while dad who is a Marine will be on recuiting in the state of Kansas. Dana and I made a trip to Hutchinson, Kansas and were shocked at all the fields from Oklahoma to Kansas...fields and fields and the littlest towns we have ever seen in between! Dana has opted to stay here and let the boys go to school while dad works in the little town outside of Witchta. Granted Witchta was a large town like we are used to here in Texas. Now for the good news!!!I am finally getting high speed internet here today and so excitied! Thats if the guy gets here and then dont say sorry there is no signal here..its happen before!! So cross your fingers! I have been very busy and very ill but, I am so excited to get back to chat with all my ebay friends. I plan to hop into groups when the high speed gets here as well as list some things on ebay! I have been outta busy now for over 2 months. I will log back in here and finish all the happenings when the new service comes. Have a great day!!!

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Tornado Hits First Monday Canton, Texas

Wow! A tornado hit in Canton Trade Days and makes Cnn and the weather channel across America..I can't believe Larry and I were standing right there just watching it go by! I have to say this is the closest ever we have come to a tornado. The NWS said it was an EF-1. It was yards from us and fear was on everyones face! Shock was on ours. No warnings whatsoever..just BAM!!! Tornado...Some vendors had everything destroyed while must of us Thanked God we were all unhurt. This same tornado storm hit Aranksas and killed 7. And today we are expecting some horrible storms..I must say I look alot closer at the clouds now. In the end..we are all Thankful and feeling lucky! I also would like to say..I never want to be that close again. It was amazing the damage done in secs..enough to make me want to duck and trees were snapped like toothpicks..we for sure are no match to mother nature!

Friday, February 22, 2008

Spring is Coming!

Yippee! I found some first signs of spring in the yard today! Pretty purple flowers to play in and smell!