Friday, February 22, 2008

Spring is Coming!

Yippee! I found some first signs of spring in the yard today! Pretty purple flowers to play in and smell!


mychenilleshop said...

Hey Bobbie you are a blogger now!
Way to go girl!
I love your spot!
Kaylee is just precious!


bobbie-antiqueandroses said...

Thanks to Connie!!!I can do it!hehe

Marilyn said...

Hi Bobbie....welcome to the world of blogging!!

Connie said...

It's Miss Kaylee!!!!!!! Glad ya got that chicks face on here!!

SophisticatedRose said...

welcome aboard Bobbie isn't this great?

SophisticatedRose said...

welcome aboard Bobbie isn't this great?

Anonymous said...

Hey Bobbie, Way to go on the blog. Hopefully I will be able to work on a blog soon. Kaylee is the cutest!!


bobbie-antiqueandroses said...

Thanks for the Welcome Girlfriends..I hope to really learn how to do need some luck..or Connie in the

Miss Rhea said...

Miss Kaylee is so Sweet !!! Welcome to blogging Bobbie !!! :)

Devonia said...

Terrific Bobbie. Now... next step, let's exchange links! I'll run add yours now; while you "learn something new". lol. Have fun with this! Devonia

Winter said...

Hi Bobbie Good job on the blog. Hugs Sophisticated Rose's Blog

my other home Sophisticated Rose' Store

celestina marie said...

Hi Bobbie,
So glad to have found your blog. Your sweet grandaughter is so cute in that picture. I would love to add you to my favorites. Stop by and say hi sweetie.
Welcome to blogland and have fun.
Your friend, Hugs, Celestina,
la rea rose