Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Tornado Hits First Monday Canton, Texas

Wow! A tornado hit in Canton Trade Days and makes Cnn and the weather channel across America..I can't believe Larry and I were standing right there just watching it go by! I have to say this is the closest ever we have come to a tornado. The NWS said it was an EF-1. It was yards from us and fear was on everyones face! Shock was on ours. No warnings whatsoever..just BAM!!! Tornado...Some vendors had everything destroyed while must of us Thanked God we were all unhurt. This same tornado storm hit Aranksas and killed 7. And today we are expecting some horrible storms..I must say I look alot closer at the clouds now. In the end..we are all Thankful and feeling lucky! I also would like to say..I never want to be that close again. It was amazing the damage done in secs..enough to make me want to duck and trees were snapped like toothpicks..we for sure are no match to mother nature!


rosechicfriends said...

I remember seeing that on the news and couldn't believe it! So you were there and witnessed the whole thing? WOW...God really had is hand upon you there!

Hey I am adding you to my blog...hope you will do the same..Happy Blogging!

Ele at abitofpinkheaven said...

So glad nobody was hurt. We have been through quite a few tornados and it never ceasese to amaze me the people that still stand around and watch (esp. when they have a basement to go into)! I have heard of the fabulous Canton vendors and how sad, to have that happen. Good luck with your blog!

bobbie-antiqueandroses said...

Thanks Ele for your post. It was a really strange thing that happen out warnings at all..with all the new tech. we have you think someone would have sounded an

bobbie-antiqueandroses said...

Lorena.I will be happy to add you and others to my blog as soon as I learn am always behind on

Vintage Linen Treasures said...

I heard about the storms on the news and didn't think too much about it until they mentioned Canton. Then I thought of all you lovely P.E.P ladies who go there! I'm so glad to hear you're ok.
Patricia :o)

Miss Rhea said...

Hey Bobbie !!! So glad you all are OK !!! That would scare the pjeebers out of me !!! How are you feeling ?? Kaylee is SO cute, she is getting so big !!! :)

celestina marie said...

Hi Bobbie, I posted to you last week but I think you missed it. So great to see you here. I added you to my favorites.
La Rea Rose

marsha said...

Bobbie, I'm so glad you weren't scared you must have been.
I have the Canton flea market on places I want to see before I die...sure hope I get a chance to go there soon.

gentle hugs,